Drowned Town Press

Vol. 1 of the authorized comics adaptation of the Ling Master stories by Blaster Al Ackerman, with art by E. J. Barnes
E. J.'s 2020 24-Hour Comic, a contemporary crime comedy in colored pencil
A nearly-wordless funny-animal fantasy/comedy
A contemporary prose short story about a road trip gone horribly wrong
A sampling of the work of New Jersey artist Luisa Felix (1952--2013)
Humorous historical fiction starring Dr. John Dee and his assistant, Edward Kelley
A biographical comic about astronomer Caroline Herschel (1750--1848)
Sequential art illustrating in scratchboard the 1734 poem by Jonathan Swift
A 24-Hour Comic Day comic about something the author didn't get.
A vacation in the Baltic countries, with the theme of the birds we saw there.
Advice for those dragged to comics conventions by partners/family members.
Poem by Rudyard Kipling on the costs of British involvement in the Afghan Ward. Illustrated by E. J. Barnes
The classic short story by "Blaster" Al Ackerman, authorized illustrated edition by E. J. Barnes